Tours in the mysterious land

For most people, Transylvania means only one thing: Dracula. If you’re a fan of Bram Stoker’s famous novel about the famous vampire, Bran Castle will definitely be on your list. You can also follow Jonathan Harker’s path: Stay in Bistrita and cross the Borgo Pass, just as Harker did.


But Transylvania has much more to offer. We would love to show you one of the most beautiful regions of Romania, with its pristine forests and countryside made for hiking and biking. Its history goes back before Roman times, to the Iron Age. Fortified Saxon villages, the legend of the Pied Piper, and “the most beautiful highway in the world” await you. Don’t miss the cultural capital, Cluj-Napoca, which was overlooked by the communists, so it retains its architecture and charm.

For a quick glimpse of Transylvania, take our one-day “Tale of Two Castles“ tour that focuses on two castles: the most beautiful and the most famous. You’ll also visit the towns where the castles are located, along with important sites, including Sinaia Monastery, founded in 1690.

Cluj-Napoca is the starting point of our 5 day/4 night tour will take you to medieval Saxon towns in northern Transylvania. On our way to famous UNESCO sites, the wooden churches of Maramures and the painted monasteries in Bucovina, we’ll visit with artisans creating works in traditional ways.

We look forward to taking you to other beautiful places in Transylvania, too.  First, Sibiu, founded in 1191 and one of the largest Saxon towns in Romania. When Walter Starkie visited in 1929, he wrote, “I rubbed my eyes in amazement! The town where I found myself did not seem to be in Tranyslvania, for it had no Romanian or Hungarian characteristics. The narrow streets and gabled houses made me think of Nuremberg.”

Next, let’s go to Sighisoara: Now on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, it’s also Vlad Tepe’s (Count Dracula) birthplace. With its protective wall still intact, this 13th century town seems more “fairy tale” than “Dracula.” Finally, Brasov, one of Transylvania’s most magnificent Saxon cities. Here stands the famous 14th century Black Church, the cornerstone of the Old Town.

Of course, we are delighted to create the perfect itinerary for you and your group. Tell us your interest--history, castles, villages, nature—and we can take you places that will amaze you. Romania is our home and we want to share it with you!





Transylvania the medieval and mystical land


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