One Day Tours in Romania

Changing your day-to-day life, leaving credit cards and the metropolitan's timetable, as well as the traffic jams on the highways, the hamburgers and the Coke - this is the option we offer you for active tours in Romania.
Off the beaten tracks, you will discover the hidden image of a mostly unknown European country. A country blessed by its nature and hospitable people desiring and waiting for human contacts. A millenary culture, born between the sea and the forests along its often troubled history.
You will discover best of Transylvania, Wallachia, Bucovina, Maramures, Danube Delta and many other attractions of Romania.
Our programmes represent a synthesis of all these elements. Any of our tours in Romania can be adapted according to your preferences.

Tours in Romania. Why not?


We are a unique tour company that specializes in organizing private tours and curating tailor-made packages. We’re exclusively dedicated to travelers like you, people who wish to make their journey new and exceptional, while discovering authentic Romania.

Our team is passionate about offering you the rare opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the rich culture and fascinating traditions of our country. We want to make Romania become the destination you will want to revisit time after time.

Personalized Tours

Just tell us what you want to see in Romania, and we will create the perfect itinerary. We will work with you to make sure your trip gives you the best experience for your time and budget. If you need suggestions, we are delighted to tell you about the many places and attractions that most tourists never discover.

Different Experience

Join your family and friends to discover Romania in a relaxed manner, in a way you have never traveled before. With our private tours, led by your own guide, you will see the country in a completely new style!


Because we have been travel and tour professionals for over 12 years, we understand that you want a wonderful and memorable experience. We’re able to provide outstanding service for your Eastern Europe journeys.