Glympse on Romania

Your tour starts with the Danube Delta, wild life paradise in Romania. Narrow channels, endless lakes and the variety of bird species amaze all visitors. Saxon fortified towns in Transylvania will seduce you too: 800 years of Saxon history are met in most of places in Southern and central Transylvania. The luxurious Peles castle in Sinaia, former royal family summer residence. Curtea de Arges, former Valachia capital is proud to show you its unique monastery. At the end of the tour in Romania you will be delighted by the architecture diversity of Bucharest.

Even if the bloody prince Vlad the Impaler, surnamed Dracula, was real, his celebrity raised after the irish weiter Bram Stoker wrote his novel. During this tour you will follow Dracula's pathes, visiting Curtea de Arges and Poienari, the real fortress of Vlad. Transylvanian fortresses visits will take you to Sighisoara too, the birth place of Dracula. You won't miss Bran castle, wrongly attributed to Vlad the Impaler. And the Borgo Pass, connected to the novel too, will be another great spotlight.

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