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 Visit Romania, a subsidiary of Cosmo Travel  a fully-accredited travel agency, registered in Romania with license #822.


These terms and conditions govern the relationship between Cosmo Travel and you, the Client. These terms restrict your rights and remedies and provide protection to Cosmo Travel. These also include warranty disclaimers and liability exclusions.

PLEASE READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE. By using this website, you acknowledge and agree (a) this is a fair balance because this website is accessible by you conveniently and at no charge; and (b) if you do not agree to or do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you can choose not to use this website or Cosmo Travel services. 

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR BOOKING. When you make a booking with us, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions, as they may be modified and updated on our website from time to time. By making a booking with us, you confirm that you are 18 years old or over and have the legal authority to enter into an Agreement. You also confirm that all information and details you provide to us when purchasing any service from our company will be correct. You are fully responsible for any consequences resulting from your details being provided incorrectly.



Cosmo Travel (referred to in the agreement as ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’) may alter these terms and conditions as deemed necessary and post the new version on our website. Client (referred to as ‘you’) is the person receiving our services. All use of our website will henceforth be governed by the new version. The terms governing the purchase and use of any service will be the terms in place at the time of your order.

Failure by either party to exercise any right or remedy under this agreement does not constitute a waiver of that right or remedy.

We have been diligent to ensure that this agreement is fully compliant with the laws of Romania. However, we cannot confirm that this agreement is appropriate or available for use in locations outside of Romania. If any provision or term of these terms and conditions shall become or be declared illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, such term or provision shall be deleted but the remaining provisions shall continue with full effect.

This contract has been drafted both in Romanian and English. Should there be any disputable provisions, the Romanian version of the contract is to be considered the guiding and primary document. Unless stated otherwise in this contract, should there be any inconsistency between this contract and any other terms and conditions on our website or documents, this contract is to be considered the guiding and primary document.

For any possible situations, disputes, or questions not covered by this contract, the laws of Romania shall prevail.

These terms and conditions, together with the privacy policy, any order form and payment method instructions, if any, replace all other terms and conditions previously applicable to the use of our website and/or sale of a service.

The travel contract is established between the Client and Cosmo Travel. The contract is effective from the time of the booking confirmation that is sent to you, the Client.

Our services are provided to you for private domestic use only. The contract between you and Cosmo Travel is a consumer contract. Accordingly, we do not accept any liability for any business loss caused by the unsatisfactory fulfilment of your service order.

If you are booking through a Travel Agent or other Third Party, please note that you do not have a valid contract with us until full payment and all information necessary for the successful fulfilment of your order has been received by us and we have issued a confirmation.

In case the booking was not made by the Client, but another person, or the booking is for more than one Client, we will assume that all Clients agree to provide their personal details to us and make a statement to accept all terms and conditions in this contract.

We promise that all services you purchase from our web site will be performed with reasonable skill and care and, as far as reasonably possible, in accordance with our agreement. We will do our best to ensure that all materials and information published on our website are accurate. If an error does occur, we reserve the right to rectify the error before your booking is confirmed.

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Visit Romania, a subsidiary of Cosmo Travel, provides private tours that are organized at Client’s request. “Private” means that you will not travel with other tourists during walks, or in the same vehicle, and you and your party will be the only beneficiaries of the services. We offer several tours to the most popular destinations in Romania. We can also find out what you and your party are interested in and create a unique itinerary, based on your time and budget.

To book a tour with us, contact us by phone on weekdays between 09:00-18:00 (local time or GMT)at phone number   +40755278568, or by email at _contact@visit-romania.com

When you contact us, we will gather the following information:

  • the requested Visit Romania tour or customized tour
  • the date(s) when you would like to book the tour
  • for a customized tour, the time you’d like to start
  • your hotel (or other address) in Bucharest
  • full name and mobile telephone of the main Client
  • number of travelers: adult and children
  • if any travelers have physical disabilities
  • special requests or needs for the tour
  • name and billing information of the person responsible for payment

We will then make every effort to create and schedule your requested tour. If there are any issues, such as holiday closures or lack of hotel rooms or suitable amenities, we will promptly notify you. Some sites may not be able accommodate clients with physical disabilities; we will inform you of the situation before you book.

When you book a tour, you will receive a confirmation that includes this information:

  • reference number
  • the confirmed tour
  • the date(s) of the tour
  • the time the tour starts and when to be ready
  • the pick-up and drop-off hotel (or other address) in Bucharest
  • full name and mobile telephone of the primary Client
  • names of all travelers
  • amount paid or to be paid before the tour date
  • contact and emergency phone numbers for Visit Romania
  • information or weblinks to the sites and attractions
  • tips about the tour, including reminders about expenses

When you receive the confirmation, read it carefully, to make sure the information is correct. If your email confirmation message does not arrive in a timely manner, please check your spam or junk folders. Please contact us by phone (+40755278568)or email (contact@visit-romania.com) if you do not receive the confirmation within 24 hours after booking with us.

Our tours are carefully organized to visit the itinerary sites (castles, palaces, monuments, museums, etc.) during their open days and hours. We do our best to ensure that they will be open when visitors arrive, but we cannot be responsible in the event any scheduled sites are closed due to unforeseen reasons or without prior notice.

Unless specified in the tour description, tour prices do not include entrance fees at sites or attractions, photography/video fees at sites or attractions, food, and beverages. Gratuities are not included and are at the discretion of the Client.

No refunds will be issued for unused portions of a tour or a tour that ends early, because of Client request.


Before you travel:
All clients are personally responsible for ensuring that they have a valid passport and any documents required by Romania. Check your country’s Department of State or appropriate government bureau regarding health requirements.

You should also plan to have adequate currency, or means to withdraw currency, to cover stated expenses of the tour. Our guides and drivers are not able to provide or loan money to Clients.

If your travel plans change or are cancelled, notify us by email as soon as possible. If your arrival to Bucharest is delayed, we require a three-business day notice to try to reschedule your tour. We will do our best to reschedule your tour or find a suitable alternative.

Travel insurance is strongly recommended for all travel.

During your tour:
If you are at the pick-up point at the time noted on the confirmation, and cannot find our drive or vehicle, or have a last-minute situation, please contact us as soon as possible at the emergency number listed on the confirmation.

We will not be liable for any services that failed to be fulfilled because Clients did not use the contact information provided on their confirmation.

Please notice that smoking, eating, and alcohol are not permitted in our tour vehicles. Water is allowed.

We provide regular breaks for restrooms and snacks during the tour. Please let the guide or driver know if you need to stop before the next planned break.

Parents or guardians are responsible for children in their care. This includes enforcing appropriate behavior at sites and attractions, as well as full responsibility for harm or damage at a site, attraction, private property, or to Cosmo Travel’s vehicle or property.

Your luggage and personal items are your responsibility at all times.


We reserve the right to refuse any requests or tours.

At all times, your information will be treated according to Cosmo Travel’s Privacy Policy, and in compliance with government regulations.

If we must cancel your booking we will send an email at least 24 hours before your travel. If an alternative is available, we will let you know. If the alternative is not satisfactory, we will give you a full refund.

We provide trained guides and drivers. Our vehicles are well-maintained; proof up upkeep and maintenance records are available on request.

If the tour must be cancelled or modified because of “Force Majeure” events (natural or unavoidable catastrophes that interrupt scheduled plans), we will do our best to notify you as soon as we can. Cosmo Travel shall not be deemed to be in breach of these Terms and Conditions, or otherwise liable, due to cancellation, delays, or modifications due to Force Majeure events. In such cases, we cannot take responsibility for any losses you may suffer.

If our company cannot provide you with the service you ordered due to the fault of our employees or suppliers, we will refund to you the price paid for the ordered service. In this case, our liability will be limited to the cost of the booked service.

We reserve the right to modify the pick-up time for any service, if necessary. If this occurs, we will contact you at least 3 hours before scheduled departure, on the mobile phone number you provided to us.

We cannot accept any responsibility for delays reasonable or unavoidable, caused by the nature of our tour services, such as weather, traffic, or road conditions.

To respect and protect all Clients, as well as Cosmo Travel, we reserve the right to refuse service at any time, before and during the tour, to any Client who:

  • has an infectious disease
  • appears to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • smokes or consumes alcohol in the vehicle
  • is disruptive in any way
  • threatens the safety of themselves, other Clients, the guide, the driver, or local citizens
  • acts in any way prohibited by Romanian law

If we refuse to provide or complete the booked service for any of the reasons above, we do not accept liability for any extra costs incurred by you/or your party because of our action.


The cost of our standard tours is listed on our website, included in the tour description. The price listed will be in effect at the time of booking. You will not be charged more if the price goes up between the date of booking and the start date of the tour. Other price differences have no influence on confirmed bookings and cannot serve as grounds for any claim.


For Visit Romania tours that are one day or less, including walks in Bucharest, cancellation is FREE if done 24 hours or more before the tour starts.

For Visit Romania tours that are two or more days, and involve accommodation:

  • Cancellation at least 7 days before scheduled departure: NO cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation 6 to 4 days before scheduled departure: 30% cancellation fee
  • Cancellation 3 or fewer days before scheduled departure: 100% cancellation fee
  • No-show at the time of scheduled departure: 100%cancellation fee.

To cancel your booking, please send us an email. If you do not get a confirmation of your cancellation by email please call us. We are not responsible if your email message does not reach us.


Discounts are given for children, according to age. The tour description lists the prices for children. Car seats are mandatory in Romania for children 8 years old and younger.Our cars are equipped with car seats.

There is no charge for bringing strollers or baby carriers. We do ask that you let us know if you plan to do so, so we can arrange for a proper vehicle. If you fail to notify us, you will be liable for the expense of a larger vehicle.


We do not charge our disabled Clients for the transportation of necessary mobility or necessary items, such as a wheelchair or walker.

Please inform us at the time of booking if you require space for these items, so we can arrange for a proper vehicle. If you fail to notify us, you will be liable for the expense of a larger vehicle.

If you travel with a seeing-eye dog or service pet, please contact us before booking.


Your booking includes one small piece of luggage. If you intend to bring more luggage, please inform us when you book your tour. If you do not let us know, we cannot guarantee your luggage will be transported, due to limited space. If you must transport other items, such as medical equipment or musical instruments, please notify us by email, so we can arrange for a proper vehicle. If you do not notify us, you will be liable for the expense of a larger vehicle.


Visit Romania makes every effort to make sure your tours are excellent. If you wish to file a complaint about your experience or the service provided by Visit Romania, please let us know by email. We will investigate your complaint.

We ask that you include:

  • Your name
  • Your confirmation code
  • Specific details about your experience

We must receive your complaint within 28 days of the return booking date. After 28 days, our ability to investigate the complaint is diminished, so we are unable to receive complaints after 28 days. If your claim for reimbursement is accepted, we will issue a reimbursement within 30 days, following receipt of your payment information.

We cannot accept any responsibility for delays reasonable or unavoidable, caused by the nature of our services, such as, but not limited to, traffic conditions or inclement weather.

If you make a successful booking with us, we are entitled to assume you do not object to our doing any of the things mentioned above, even without notifying you in advance; unless you tell us otherwise in writing.


We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to change these Terms at any time. Updated versions of the Terms will be posted here on this website and are effective immediately on posting. Please check frequently, especially before you use this website, to see if these Terms changed. Use of the website after any changes to the Terms constitutes your consent to the changes.


If you wish to contact us for any reason, you can always reach us at:
Email: contact@visit-romania.com
Phone: +40755278568