Sinaia-The Carpathian’s Pearl

Sinaia is a true wonderland. It is like a place taken from a storybook for children. Beloved by the royals and by the Romanian people, Sinaia has always been the one city where everyone came back to. The Royal Family made it it’s home, the locals prided themselves with it and the tourists visited so often, as though it was their second home. The natural habitat is what makes it so special but also what the people have made with it. One cannot deny the splendor of the mountains and the breathtaking views and not pass by amazing structures, like Peles Castle.

The Royal Family loved this city so much and was so loyal to Sinaia that they declared Sinaia Monastery their official residence. After that they moved it to Peles Castle, which they also held on to very tightly to be in Sinaia, the home of their hearts. Perhaps everyone has heard that recently Prince Nicolae had his wedding at Sinaia when he could have easily chosen any place in the world. He did not. Instead, he praised Sinaia for its unmatched beauty and declared how much it meant to him and his family, that it was home.

It all began with King Carol. He fell in love with the city and nature so much that he built Peles Castle just for this special reason. The mountains create such a fascinating landscape that no one could resist it, not even a king with refined tastes who has seen the whole world and yet still came back to this blessed place.

One huge attribute of this city are the vast, snow-filled ski slopes. It is one aspect that attracts anyone, from the Royal Family to the locals to the tourists, both Romanian and foreign. Because nature permits the slopes have been taken advantage of in making this place truly special. Whether it is summer or winter, it does not matter because one can ski any time of the year, benefiting from artificial snow when the weather will not provide real snow. Tourism is a priority here and rightfully so since any tourist is sure to feel welcome and very good and relaxed. An excellent vacation is in store for anyone who stops by, undoubtedly, because the city is designed for its visitors to have a grand experience and get the best of it. Many families come here every year, both the ones who are passionate about winter sports and the ones who are just looking to let their kids have some fun while the adults wait behind sipping a mug of hot chocolate and inspiring the cold fresh air while enjoying the peaceful serenity. Tourists can also be assured that they will find a clean resort with good food and amiable people.

It is a very friendly place to be and during the holiday season it becomes very exciting. You will find Sinaia to be packed with Christmas cheer and decorations will fill the place, and here you can experience the true spirit of Christmas. It is the perfect place to be at that time of the year, even if you just want to enjoy a cup of hot wine or hot chocolate while standing in front of a big, miraculous Christmas tree, listening to the carolers. It is the perfect place for parents to create some memories for their children, teach them some history, have them consume some energy in the snow and just experience the true Romanian winter holidays.

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