Visit Romania began in 2006 when we realized that we wanted to share the treasures of our country with the rest of the world. No other place in Europe can offer a glimpse into a way of life that has almost vanished. We invite you to join us for an experience you will never forget.

With over 13 years in the travel industry, we are experts at organizing tours and creating personal itineraries for our satisfied clients. We are Romanians with a passion for travel and for showing you the unique spots that large tour companies pass by. We know where to find authentic Romania, and we take you there.

Romania will astound you with its cultural and natural diversity. From modern cities to peasant villages, you will visit attractions that don’t exist anywhere else. Our history goes back to the Paleolithic Era. Our culture has influences from other centuries and countries.  Painted monasteries date back 700 years and farming is still done by hand. Europe’s last virgin forests are in Romania, so your walks and hikes will be on the same paths as centuries ago. The Danube Delta is a birdwatcher’s delight and a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. Last—but not least–you will be touched by the warm welcome of the Romanian people. They are eager to show you their famous hospitality!


We strive to be the world’s ambassadors to Romania by offering our clients unsurpassed tours and unforgettable travel experiences.

We believe that with excellent communication and hospitality, we will stay friends with those who travel with us, giving them many reasons to remember us with smiles and happiness.


  • We promote the traditions, customs, and culture of Romania and other countries in Eastern Europe, providing travelers from all over the world with direct contact with local people.
  • We constantly evaluate and update our programs to provide you with the highest quality. We listen to you and make changes to meet your wishes and needs.
  • We like to travel, too, so we appreciate that your vacation should fit your time, budget, and interests. We’re here to make your dream into a reality.
  • We know that travel in another country can sometimes bring unexpected situations: roads can be bumpy, stay in a hotel that does not deserve the stars in its rating and whose restaurant serves only frozen food, or when you see something incredible and you have no means to find out what it is. We make every effort to avoid inconvenience, while visiting places that few tourists have ever seen.


If you are looking for a standard “big bus” tour, Visit Romania is not for you. We offer a completely different—and better–experience in the following ways:

  • We believe great storytellers make great memories. Our guides know the history of Romania and its regions. All along the way, they will explain history, culture, and the local legends. To truly understand Romania, you’ll want to look beyond what the guidebooks say. Our guides know the secrets of each place and make them come alive for you.
  • We organize private tours for small groups. Our buses have 8 or 16 seats, so we’re able to go where big buses can’t. We can take more picturesque routes and make unplanned stops for interesting local sites. You’ll have a quiet, comfortable ride. And if you stop for some of Romania’s famous palinca (fruit brandy) your driver can still deliver you safely to your destination!
  • We support local communities. Because our itineraries include less-traveled areas, you will receive a more authentic experience. We’ll recommend accommodation and meals in the homes of local people. No big tour company can provide this unique opportunity.
  • You create your own schedule. When you contact us, we’ll develop an itinerary for your approval. During the trip, you can tell us the attractions that interest you, where you want to eat, or what kind of food you’d like to try. Whether you want to visit castles, follow a wine trail, or simply sit and watch a herdsman and his sheep pass by, we will adapt the schedule as we go along.
  • You customize your trip. Each time you travel with Visit Romania, you’ll have a completely new experience. We will always adapt the trip for each age group in your party, the interests of each person, and other distinctive factors about your group. We don’t do “cookie cutter” trips!
  • You must be satisfied. After working with you to create the itinerary and schedule that meet your approval, we want you to be satisfied. If you feel we didn’t meet your expectations (excluding unexpected events, such as weather, natural disasters, domestic or international situations) we will provide compensation.


Here at Visit Romania, we love our planet, country, and nature very much. We want to make sure the beauty of this world is available for generations to come. Therefore, we support responsible tourism by caring for the environment. We do not encourage mass tourism and its carbon footprint.

Our tours and programs are designed for curious people like you, who want to explore our fascinating country and discover unique things. We can’t wait to meet you!


We love to collaborate with brands, tour operators, and specialized travel companies who share the same principles and philosophy. Please reach out to us! [Insert link or email]


Now that we have convinced you to join us, please contact us today with any questions about Visit Romania or what you should see when you visit the country. We have information about some of our most common tours on the website, and always welcome the opportunity to create a special tour just for you and your family or friends.

Bun venit in Romania!